"Technology: Leveraged."
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What We Do.

We provide training and consulting services.

Along our travels, we contribute to many Open Source projects.

We can revamp your build process with our Apache Maven, Spring and Wicket consulting or training services.

We provide Outsourcing services in New Zealand and India.

Currently we are working with clients in the Netherlands, Ukraine and India, providing code reviews, architectural guidance and development services.

Company Principles

If it's a good idea, we run with it. Thought of a better strategy? Make it happen. We welcome alternative opinions and enjoy a good debate over the merits of an idea.


We take serious ownership of the work we produce. What we do reflects on us.


We are very particular about the quality of our work and thrive on technical challenges, exploring new possibilities. We extend ourselves and strive to do better.


Friendly, yet professional we know when to put differences aside, when to compromise.


Our staff have accumulated experiences with various technologies, among these are the following:


Have a look at our blog. It contains some interesting articles about a range of topics including Scala, git, spring-modules cache and Maven to name a few...

Linked In

You can find our courageous leader's profile on LinkedIn.

Podcast - IllegalArgument

We also have a spot on the only New Zealand Java Platform podcast called IllegalArgument.

Articles and Presentations



  • Martin Fowler
    • Wikipedia Page
    • Articles
    • "I have often liked to be quoted on saying that any damn fool can write a program that a computer can understand, but good programmers write code that humans understand and this is really part of this, "how do we communicate with humans" drive?"

    • Is Design Dead?
    • Railsconf 2006 Keynote
    • Modifiability: Or Is There Design In Agility?
    • "Many people assume that agile methods mean an absence of design. Design still happens in agile projects, but it shifts from an up-front phase to a continual evolution. Design decisions should be left to the last responsible moment, but some design decisions do need to be made at the start of a project. Martin Fowler explores this topic through a panel discussion of design in an agile context."

  • Dave Thomas
  • Linus Torvalds
      • Google Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds On Git
      • Revolutionary source code maintenance system. Great talk – fascinating to hear Linus talk, he has a very unique style – quite git’ish (watch the video and you’ll understand!).

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