"Technology: Leveraged."
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Consulting Services

  • Tailored lessons to your experience level
  • Short to long term development services
  • Consulting engagements as small as a few hours


  • Component oriented framework introductions
  • Custom component development


Over 2 years of Maven experience, on small to Enterprise scale projects.

  • Ant to Maven migration
  • Including step by step migration, having project modules build by Ant within Maven projects and vise-versa.

    Report and site generation.

  • Multi (/nested) Module project design
  • Training and Support
  • Plugin Development
  • Previously developed plugins for Red Hat JBoss's Application server.


  • IoC Training
  • IoC Migration
  • Spring Modules Declarative Cache setup

Hibernate Consulting

  • JDBC to Hibernate migration assistance
  • Legacy schema to Hibernate code generation cycle setup
  • Hibernate code generation customisation

Open Source Development and Support

"Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants" (Latin: "nanos gigantum humeris insidentes"), is a Western metaphor meaning "One who develops future intellectual pursuits by understanding the research and works created by notable thinkers of the past". It was famously used by the seventeenth-century scientist Isaac Newton. To us, this quote signifies the very meaning of Open Source.

  • We will scratch your itch!

We can work on open source projects for you. Got an itch you want to scratch? We can scratch it for you! If there's a bug, or a feature that is rubbing you the wrong way, we can get it implemented or fixed for you.

Spring Modules Fork

Our company has also lead the way in bringing back to life the extremely useful Spring Modules project. The source is now available on Git Hub, and we have just made available the first release of the library in over a year!

Spring Modules is a collection of tools, add-ons and modules to extend the Spring Framework. The core goal of Spring Modules is to facilitate integration between Spring and other projects without cluttering or expanding the Spring core.

There's more info, over at the site.

Our Open Work

We submit patches to various projects regularly, as issues are encountered and also have customised or extended several open source projects.


Outsourcing to Australasia

Leverage currency markets (USD $1 -> NZD $1.91, EURO €1 -> NZD $2.47) to employ top quality native English speakers from the two (Australia and New Zealand) most advanced yet smallest native English speaking countries in the world.

Outsourcing to India

Through our business partners, we can provide outsourcing services to India - but with a difference! Outsourcing software to India often suffers from quality problems and communications difficulties. We can provide an assured quality of service by monitoring and reviewing all the work that comes out of our India division.